About us

After several years of experience in the online retail industry, Shining Bee was formed by an international team based in Canada with a management team spread throughout North America and Asia, with the intention of offering products which are made in safe working conditions. After a recent decline in products on the market, more and more people are looking for a return to being able to obtain good products at fair prices with the fast shipping they had come to rely upon.

Shining Bee offers high quality fashion fair trade jewelry made by skilled artisans around the world in safe working conditions. Fair trade jewelry offers a sustainable product that lets you avoid the labour-exploited sweat shop products and own something that you can be proud to wear. Every piece in our collection echoes the love and skill of the craftsman who created it.

The range of jewelry and hair accessories covers a range of styles from trendy to traditional, and we offer choices for casual or evening wear, even bridal sets.

All of our products are returnable for a full refund within fourteen days no questions asked. Buying in Canada means friendly, courteous service, fast delivery and easy returns.

If you have any questions or concerns, email us atĀ info@shiningbee.ca